The Best Vacation Movies

If you can’t get out of the office or your apartment for various reasons, a great movie can give you inspiration, or at least put you in the state to travel. Here are my favorite movies that I love watching when I need some inspiration for my travels.


The film is a cult classic comedy, one that our generation has watched over and over. We all know what to think of when somebody sais “Johnny doesn’t know”

The film is about a group of American students making an overseas trip to Europe. It shows the stereotypes that we have of different natins, and shines a funny light on them. We all think that the Dutch live in a marihuana-induced state, the English are all football hooligans, and that the Eastern Europeans are so poor that three dollars are going to buy you a complete hotel. The film makes fun of these stereotypes so well that it has reached cult classic status.

Slumdog Millionaire

The film that won Danny Boyle an Academy Award. The film is a great character study and study of the human fate and the results of our choices. The film uses India as a great setting for its characters, and shows many different aspects of the country. The people watching the film can really get into the state and the looks of India while watching a great story.


Speaking of India, this lesser-known film deals with a common issue in modern economies, outsourcing. Many of us have lost our jobs due to outsourcing. This phenomena leads to cultural clashes betweent he two nations that need to be resolved in order to be able to work together properly. The film is about an American worker who has to travel to India to facilitate the outsourcing of his own job to the country. He is obviously not very keen on the task, but slowly grows to appreciate India as the country and the people have a positive effect on him.

The Indiana Jones series

All four films of the Indiana Jones series are great adventure movies set in countries lesser know to modern societies. The main character can be described in only one way: badass. Indiana Jones is not only intelligent, but he has guts and he is not afraid to put himself on the line in order to solve the interesting mysteries that he bumps into. Many say that the fourth installement of the series is not the best one, but the first three films are definitely worthy of attention if you are looking for a film to watch before getting out there to travel.

Do You Need A Family Tent?

Do you want to give your family the time of their life? The best way to do that could be to go camping. Camping is an activity that everybody can enjoy, regardless of age, sex or status. It is a great way to experience the beauty of mother nature while still enjoying all those that our culture can offer, like running tap water and a kitchen.

You need a big tent, because all of these will be stored in it. Source: Flickr

You need a big tent, because all of these will be stored in it. Source: Flickr

If you want to make the most of camping you will need to have a tent. Your tent must be spacious, stable and offer good value for its price. I am going to give you a few tips to make sure that your the tent you choose fulfills these needs.

First thing is first, you need a big, spacious tent. I advise you to choose a tent that has 2.5 meters of space in each direction per adult. A teenager is pretty much from this point of view, they need 2,5 meters of space each. A child can live in smaller space, around 1,5-2 meters in each direction. Tent manufacturing companies make their tents smaller as a conscious effort to save on the material costs. This means that if you need to have a tent for your family of four you should choose a tent that is advertised as a six person tent. This way you can make sure that your tent will have enough space for everybody who sleeps in it.

The best family tents need to have a porch, or at least some kind of area where the whole family can come together and enjoy some time together, share a few memories. There are two ways a tent can achieve this. The first is to have a porch that is formed by the rainfly of the tent arching over the door to create a waterproof area where you can put down a chair or two.

The other way is that a tent has a screened room. Such a room is a place in front of the door, with the rainfly reaching over it, and two walls screening it from the sides. The two walls are usually made of mesh to allow the screened room to have a bit of ventilation. The room usually has no floor, so you can start a fire or have a BBQ inside while sitting down and enjoying the company of each other.

The family tent needs to have a solid, stable structure, you really don’t want to wake up to the tent crumbling above you while you sleep in it. A stable structure can be achieved by using fiberglass poles and aluminium stakes. The fiberglass poles can break if you use them for years, but you can make sure that this isn’t a problem if you carry an extra pole set with you all the time.


If you want to go camping with your family you need to use a great family tent. These tents are all spacious, stable and they have an area where the whole family can come together and enjoy the company of each other. These features are common among the best family tents.


Where To Go Backpacking In Hungary?

Hungary is a country in the Eastern part of Europe. It is easy to get in and out of as it is a part of the European Union, and it has excellent connection with the major cities in the Westen continent. You can get to the capital of the country, Budapest by train, aeroplane, coach, and even boat through the river Danube. In this post I intend to introduce you to the most beautiful areas of the country that are worth checking out on a backpacking trip.

The country is also very popular among travelers due to its low prices compared to Western standards. If you have ever seen the film “Euro trip” you know what I am talking bout. You know the scene when they arrive in Eastern Europe with only three dollars in their pockets and they live like kings. It really is like that in most of Hungary. The prices are relatively high in Budapest, but in the countryside the prices are especially low.


Hortobagy is a big plain in the Eastern part of the country. It is famous for its special wildlife that is lives only in this part of the country. Animals such as the famous grey cow or the magalica -a type of pig- lives only in this place in the world. The Hortobagy is a state park, so you need to be very cautious with anything you do and you need to give special attention during your hikes in the park.

Hortobagy has plenty of attentions for touists to look at. The Hortobagy is the host for the “csikos” horse riding shepherds who display their talents of horse riding and using a whip on a consistent basis to entertain the tourists.

The Hotobagy has a csarda culture. A csarda is a Hungarian version of an inn, where the backpackers can stop for a meal and a bed. The csarda offers classic Hungarian food like fish soup, paprika chicken and galuska.


Balaton is the largest lake of Hungary, a frequent tourist favorite for every tourist who visits the country. The lake is a popular fishing spot, not to mention the internationally famous festivals, like Balaton Sound the electronic music festival that had artists like Snoop Dog, Tricky and David Guetta among its line-up.

The best way to experience the lake is either to stay in one of the campgrounds around the lake, or rent a home for a week or two. Many families who live by the lake rent out their homes during the summer holiday season to the tourists.


The Balaton is a beautiful lake full of fish and beautiful beaches where you can enjoy your holidays. The Hortobagy is a very particular looking plain that offers plenty of attractions and a very particular type of cuisine for the backpacker who visits Hungary.

How To Reduce The Weight Of Your Tent?

If you are a backpacker or you just carry your tent with yourself to all kinds of places you know the value of a lightweight tent. Many of us have an old tent that we bought when we went to our first backpacking trip, and we didn’t choose the best tent. Since then we have gained a lot of exerience, and we want a better, lighter tent. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new one you can apply the tips in this article to make your tent lighter.

Most tents are made by manufacturers who are interested in keeping their costs down. This means that they use as little material as possible, which naturally makes the tent pretty light, but sometimes they go for the cheapest materials, which means that they use heavier materials.

A tent, with an unfortunate choice of location. Source: Wikipedia

  A tent, with an unfortunate choice of location. Source: Wikipedia

The bulk of the weight of a tent is in the hard parts, the poles and the stakes to be exact. First of all the poles are usually made of fiberglass, which is a lightweight, but quite durable material. Unfortunately fiberglass poles need to be handled with care. Fractures might appear in the poles, which can grow and eventually the pole might break.

The way to handle fiberglass poles with care is to handle them in the middle when you put them together. If you grab them on one end you put enormous pressure on the other end of the pole, which will make it break quickly.

There are tents with aluminium poles out there. Aluminium is more durable than fiberglass, but it is heavier as well. Aluminium poles are not as popular at the minute, but they can be useful in camping tents. The best camping tents can have aluminium poles, because these tents don’t necessarily have to be light. If you have a tent that you want to use for backpacking and it has aluminium poles you need to replace the poles with fiberglass poles.

The heavy objects in tents are the stakes. Most tents come with narrow, and light aluminium stakes that bend easily, and they might break. These stakes are the lightest you can get, the only problem is that they bend easily. However you should just replace them if you have any complications with it. Some poles are made of plastic or stainless steel. Plastic stakes are very easy to break and they are hard to replace as most companies nowadays manufacture only aluminium stakes. Stainless steel is heavier than aluminium, so they are not the best for backpacking lightweight tents. If you want a lightweight tent, replace the stainless steel stakes with aluminium.


The bulk of the weight is in the poles and the stakes. The best and lightest poles are made of fiberglass and the lightest stakes are made of aluminium. If you don’t have these pieces made of the above materials you should replace them.